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About Us

     At Right at Home Mobile Veterinary Services, PLLC, I practice high quality veterinary medicine in the most comfortable atmosphere of all--your own home! From my home base in Kitty Hawk on the beautiful Outer Banks of North Carolina, I travel to clients' homes throughout the Outer Banks and portions of Currituck County.  I offer wellness visits as well as sick patient visits. I also offer compassionate end-of-life care, including hospice services and at home euthanasia.  I refer to some wonderful local vets if a patient needs Xrays, surgery or hospitalization.

      I started this practice to address several needs that I see in veterinary medicine as it is traditionally practiced.  My biggest concern is the reaction of the pet. I got into veterinary medicine because I love animals, but they usually don't love me back. Why?  They are usually frightened of the whole veterinary experience. They had to ride in the car, maybe in a carrier (definitely the safest way to ride, by the way).  They had to go into a waiting room, usually one with a fair amount of commotion and new smells and sounds. Then maybe they had to wait for a while before finally getting into an exam room. In the exam room, they were subjected to some uncomfortable or scary procedures.  In the home setting the pets are very often much more relaxed, which allows them to eat the treats that I like to feed them, and accept my admiration with pleasure. It also allows me to get a much better picture of their actual state of wellness. The "white coat syndrome" in pets can mask all sorts of subtle changes, just like it does with people!

     My other concern is short appointment times. A fifteen minute appointment doesn't allow me to get to know the client or pet, and certainly doesn't allow a whole lot of client education.  Client education is the number one tool I have to keep my patients healthy and happy!  I offer hour-long appointment times. This allows me to make the best recommendations for YOUR individual pet and circumstances. I don't believe in one-size-fits-all medicine, so it is important to spend time deciding which treatments and vaccines are right for your cat or dog. 

     My housecall practice addresses both of those concerns! 

Serving the Outer Banks of North Carolina and portions of Currituck County